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3DX Industries Inc. is a Precision Manufacturing company capable of producing a wide range of products using additive and subtractive manufacturing processes. Using our state of the art 3D Metal Printing System, Composite Printing equipment and numerous CNC Precision Machining Centers, 3DX Industries will exceed your expectations for prototype, production and assembly services.

3DX Industries uses Binder Jetting technology to 3D print complex parts. Binder Jetting is a powder bed process, where a binding agent is used to selectively ‘print’ the desired part shape by adhesively joining the metal particles. After the jetting process, the green part is sintered in a furnace to burn off the binder. An infiltrant, typically bronze, is then melted and drawn into the part to fill in the spaces of the sintered metal powder skeleton to create a fully dense component.

The three-dimensional printing process produces fully functional metal parts directly from CAD files. The benefits of the Binder Jet  process include enhanced part design flexibility, complex internal geometries, undercuts, angled passages, and the opportunity to create component features that cannot be duplicated with traditional machining methods. The 3D printing process generates single-piece and multi-piece designs with shortened lead times at significantly lower costs.

Not Only 3D Printing

In addition to our 3D Metal Printing and post-processing capabilities, 3DX has a full array of CNC machining centers capable of high speed precision milling up to large capacity vertical machining to meet the most demanding specifications our clients require. We also have an in-house 3D Composite printer for smaller component, prototype and production runs. Using our composite printing system, we can offer our clients a low cost quick turnaround option on prototype parts and components for designer review and engineer evaluation prior to final production runs.

Roger Janssen - Director
President & CEO, CFO


Roger Janssen, is an entrepreneurial-oriented executive who presents a rich mix of leadership talents and experience-backed judgment gained through over two decades of guiding the startup, growth, and profitability of diverse manufacturing firms serving private and public sectors.

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Mr. Janssen currently provides direction for his own successful manufacturing business in the greater Seattle area serving specific clients such as Boeing, Raytheon, BE Aerospace, British Petroleum, and Intermec. He brings this management expertise to the Company. With more than thirty years of experience in the manufacturing industry, Mr. Janssen’s dedication to new technological developments, has provided the Puget Sound with high quality precision manufacturing and machine services since 1989. Mr. Janssen has gained immeasurable experience in management, operations, human resources, equipment procurement, strategic planning, sales and business development, contract negotiation, and financial reporting.

Mr. Janssen holds a technical degree in precision machining and manufacturing, earned from the Sno-Isle Tech Centre in Everett, WA. He is always seeking to expand and update his business knowledge, and has actively continued his education by taking financial, business and marketing courses.

Recognizing his impeccable reputation as an industry leader in the area, the Sno-isle Tech Centre recruited Mr. Janssen to serve on their advisory board, which he did for eight years. Three of those years were spent as Chairman of the Board, making decisions about the Centre’s curriculum, as well as approving qualified faculty and budget allocations. Mr. Janssen has since acted as a consultant and member of the board to a variety of private and public companies

Nicholas Coriano - Director
VP East Cost Operations


Mr. Nicholas Coriano is an experienced entrepreneur who began his career in Finance working at Merrill Lynch, New York Stock Exchange, and eventually, at a boutique microcap investor relations firm Alliance Advisors working with public company clients valued between $100-$500 Million market cap

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Mr.  Coriano formed Cervitude Intelligent Relations in 2012 building an international consulting firm with public company clients & consultants across Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and North America. He successfully acquired a real estate portfolio, Homeskape™, which owns over 60 properties in 5 states across the USA. Nicholas holds his investments and various companies & brands at Homescape LLC, a venture he started in 2006.  He received a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance from The University of Connecticut and a Juris Doctorate from The John Marshal Law School in Chicago.  

Tim McGuire -
Operations Manager / CAM Director

James Buyers -
Quality Control Manager

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Mr. Buyers has been manufacturing aerospace components for over 40 years. Throughout his career he has been involved with the design and manufacture of various flight critical components including engine mounts and thrust link components for the Space Shuttle and other classified Planetary Expropriation projects.  Past work experience with companies including Boeing, Airbus, Tyee Aircraft  and Aerojet has given Mr. Buyers’ unparalleled  expertise in standard operating procedures and quality control systems required for success in the manufacturing industry.  Mr. Buyers’ knowledge in these areas will be a significant benefit to 3DX Industries as it continues its growth.

Prior to coming aboard 3DX Industries, Mr. Buyers spent 12 years working for Boeing Aerospace as a Quality Control Inspector.  Mr Buyers’ decision to leave Boeing was driven by his motivation and desire to be involved with cutting edge manufacturing technologies. Mr. Buyers firmly believes 3D metal printing will be at the forefront of the additive manufacturing evolution and 3DX is the perfect fit.

Adam Bierschank-
CAD Director

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Mr. Bierschank has over 15 years’ experience in manufacturing.  Adam is a Solidworks CSWE (Certified Solidworks Expert) and is responsible for the company’s adherence to quality and compliance practices.

Delvecchio Parks-
Legal Advisor

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Delvecchio Parks is a seasoned legal profession who specializes in business consulting, contract formation, and business asset protection. labor relations, and conflict resolution. He attained his Bachelors of Science and Master of Science in Psychology from Georgia Southern University and his Juris Doctor from the University of Illinois-Chicago. He has passed the bar in the States of California and Georgia. He is currently licensed to practice law in Georgia. During his legal career, he has focus on employment and labor law. Primarily, Delvecchio has used his legal and people skills in capacities where he has been entrusted with the responsibility of representing and advocating for employees in all aspects of their employment relationship, but more importantly in building relationships. Delvecchio began his career in Los Angeles, CA where he provides legal services in a hybrid position consisting of educational law, employment law, and unionism as a Labor Relations Representative for the California School Employees Association. He served in numerous capacities with the organization before eventually becoming the lead Labor Representative in the office. He trained staff members on governing labor laws, representation strategies, negotiation techniques and community/political organizing. Under his direction, the individuals whom he trained and supervised were able to negotiate multiple million-dollar collective bargaining agreements, and process/defend over 1000 employees related matters, and save hundreds of employee positions. Delvecchio spent years living abroad before returning to Atlanta where he was born and raised. Since returning to Atlanta, he has continued his legal advocacy for employees by joining the National Treasury Employee Union as an Associate Counsel. Additionally, he has opened his own legal practice focusing on business law. Throughout his careers, Delvecchio has focused on helping people and has been able to serve some of the less fortunate populations in our society with his extensive history in the mental health, substance abuse, and legal fields. Delvecchio’s primary objective in life is cultivating educational and business opportunities for the African American community, especially young black men. He serves as leader in the community by providing mentorship in the BBBS program, at the local YMCA, and teaching financial literacy to children at local elementary schools. Currently, Delvecchio resides in Atlanta with his family. He is a devoted and nurturing father of two. He is member of Kappa Alpha Psi, an avid traveler, and runner.

Harold Blackwell-

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Managing Multi-Billion Dollar Accounts Working for General Electric, UBS, and other major corporations, Harold L. Blackwell advanced his career from operational service representative to client relationship manager. Harold’s corporate career culminated in seven years with the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) in Stamford managing the relationships of 20 multi-billion-dollar institutions. Award-Winning Entrepreneur In 2011 Harold founded an urban indoor hydroponic vertical farm, Chestnut Hollow Farms, LLC in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Chestnut Hollow Farms provides a sustainable source of affordable fresh foods. Four years after its founding, the hydroponic farm earned honorable mention at the Morris Media Green Awards, a recognition for leading the fight to protect the environment while creating a sustainable social and economic community. Harold is a requested speaker on entrepreneurship and sustainable businesses.

Chestnut Street Consulting, LLC In 2016 Harold founded Chestnut Street Consulting, LLC to provide services to minority and women- owned businesses. The company guides and advises entrepreneurs and small business owners through financial, compliance, legal, marketing, and administrative essentials for establishing new businesses and growing existing businesses.

“I love to guide and coach other business owners and entrepreneurs through the maze of issues they need to address if they’re to attain business success.” – Harold Blackwell

Kris Baillargeon-

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Kris Baillargeon is a self-starter that is experienced in social media marketing, website development, process automation, programming, and more. Kris began his career as the CEO of Energy Marketing Company, where he assisted his clients with creating custom websites. Shortly thereafter, Kris joined Certitude Intelligent Relations as the Head of Service Operations. His role provided him with corporate-level experience in business plan development, pitch deck development, social media marketing, business operations consulting, and employee training

Arnie Hendricks-
Advisor to the Board of Directors

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Mr. Hendricks provides the company with part time Chief Financial Officer services.  Arnie has 30 years of senior management experience, with a special focus in the financial and operational management of small to midsize companies.  For the past 29 years he has independently consulted with over 350 companies, helping them solve issues which prohibit their profitable growth and prevent owners from increasing the value of their businesses. 

3DX Industries is your source for 3D Metal printed products, composite printing and precision machining services. Our team offers in-house design support, rapid prototyping, production, and assembly services. 

We commit to each project and are dedicated to customer satisfaction.

Additive Manufacturing

3DX has a dedicated additive manufacturing division to handle all your 3D Printing requirements from start to finish. Our print lab includes two M-Flex 3D Metal printers, a Remet CFS 500 Vacuum Furnace w/Gas Quench and a Modix B60 FDM printer along with other support equipment to facilitate post processing and finishing.

We are capable of printing in a variety of metal powders including:

Infiltration options include Bronze, Copper, and Tin

Additional customized powders are currently in development for 3D Metal printing. 3DX Industries offers full engineering support for material selection on any new projects.  

Contact us to discuss a solution to problem parts with wear and/or corrosion issues.

The 3DX Team uses CAD/CAM software and modern inspection equipment to guarantee your parts meet drawing tolerances. We are fully committed to delivering quality products; our metrology lab ensures precision by using state of the art measuring instruments including a Brown & Sharpe CMM.

Subtractive Manufacturing

Our well-tooled subtractive manufacturing division includes 12 vertical machining centers, 4th axis capabilities, up to 15,000 RPM, 96″ travel, lathes and numerous miscellaneous support machines.
Please view our Equipment List for more detailed information

3DX Industries is capable of working with a variety of materials including tool steel, aluminum, plastic, stainless steel, copper, and titanium. 


Highly-detailed prototypes created from metal and plastic/composite materials can be used to demonstrate and test our customer’s designs prior to final production.

Our 3D Printing systems are capable of providing high precision, exceptionally detailed prototypes to give the look and feel of your final product.  3DX’s CAD/CAM prototyping uses CNC machining to provide rapid prototyping services, high speed milling and large capacity vertical machining.

For those without CAD drawings, our design team can reverse engineer a variety of custom and vintage parts. Our prototypes have been used by injection molders, automotive repair shops and wholesale aircraft part suppliers to create general parts like rotors, seat assemblies, cutting blades. We can also prototype your art or jewelry designs.

Turbine Components

3D Metal Printed and/or Precision machined compact turbine components are appropriate for green energy, military and aerospace industries.

Molds, Dies, Tools, Drilling, and Pump Components

Contact us for your high wear/corrosion resistant parts manufactured using Formetrix metals proprietary metal powders;  BLDRmetal™ J-10 and J-11, designed for building highly wear resistant industrial components using binder jet additive manufacturing. 

Parts made with bronze infiltrated BLDR J-10 have 3x the wear resistance and nearly 3x the impact toughness of a bronze infiltrated 420 stainless steel component made using the same method. If even higher wear resistance is required, BLDR J-11 can be selected to deliver 10x the wear of a bronze infiltrated 420SS component.


Our CNC milling centers can machine parts measuring up to 96”. We are able to custom manufacture one-of-a-kind parts and also deliver high-volume, wholesale production runs.


Contract manufacturing and assembly services can take a project from raw product to finished goods.

We have partnered with businesses of all sizes to assemble Rankine Cycle Turbines, gear boxes and more.

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 3DX Industries, Inc. is a public company, trading under the symbol DDDX.