3DX Completes $2.0 Million Acquisition of Homescape LLC

Seattle WA, April 20, 2022 – 3DX Industries Inc. (DDDX) (the “Company” or “3DX”), a manufacturing conglomerate, announced today it has completed the acquisition of Homescape LLC, a Connecticut based Limited Liability Company in a deal valued at $2,000,000.

Homescape LLC (“Home”) is a diversified holding company with its assets in real estate, ecommerce businesses and a microcap investment fund.  A summary of these assets includes: 

  • Real Estate & Land Holdings: Ownership of Fice (5) commerical rental units, twenty four (24) residential apartments, and thirty (30) land parcels located in New York, Nevada, New MExico, Michigan, and Arizona braded as HomeskapeTM;
  • Ecommerce Businesses: A portfolio of ecommerce business selling products (in the numismatics markets) and business planning and investor relations services (for SMBs) branded as CervitudeTM;
  • Microcap Investment Fund: A portfolio of micro cap stocks, primarily traded on the OTC Markets braded as The icroCapCompany.com FundTM

The real estate assets are valued at $1,600,000, the ecommerce businesses at $150,000 and the stock portfolio and cash at $250,000 for total of $2,000,000.  The acquisition cost of Homescape LLC, includes the issuance of 7,000,000 shares of common stock equating to $350,000 and a 3 year note payable of $1,650,000.  The note is payable in cash or common stock at the option of 3DX management.  The share price will be determined using a 10% discount to the closing price of DDDX shares the day prior to the repayment day.  The purchase of Homescape strengthens 3DXs’ assets as it continues to move forward with its acquisition strategy.

In combination with the acquisition, Homescape LLC will return to the company 5,297,905 common shares of 3DX Industries (OTCM: DDDX) previously earned. These shares will be cancelled and returned to treasury.

"The acquisition of Homescape LLC brings on income producing real estate assets that increase our cash flow and assets held on the balance sheet.”   states Roger Janssen, CEO of 3DX Industries.  “It is right in line with our growth strategy along with the acquisition of the real estate and operating business of Specialty Metal Works, LLC.” he added.

Under the terms of the Purchase Agreement, Homescape, LLC will become a wholly owned subsidiary of 3DX Industries, Inc. and begin reporting revenues under the company on May 1, 2021.  Board Member of 3DX Industries, Inc., Mr. Nicholas Coriano will remain on as CEO of Homescape LLC.

“Since joining 3DX Industries, Inc. last year, Roger and I have worked well together to grow 3DX both organically and through various strategic acquisitions.  I started Homescape LLC in 2006 and have put my life’s work into its growth and development.  I am excited about merging this operational asset with 3DX Industries, Inc. and focusing 100% of my efforts to growing 3DX.” stated Nicholas Coriano. “Stabilizing revenues via real estate rentals, utilizing our ecommerce & social media portals to market and sell our manufactured products and partnering with the best companies and entrepreneurs will be my focus through the following integration phases” added Mr. Coriano

About the Company:  3DX Industries, Inc. ($DDDX) is an OTCM traded conglomerate that is in the business of consolidating the manufacturing sector through acquisitions.

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