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Capabilities & Qualifications

3DX Industries is your source for 3D Metal printed products,composite printing and precision machining services. Our team offers in-house design support, rapid prototyping, production, and assembly services. We commit to each project and are dedicated to customer satisfaction.

Subtractive Manufacturing: Our well-tooled manufacturing facility includes a state of the art M-Flex 3D Metal Printing System, a Z-Corp Composite Printing Centre, 13 vertical machining centers, 4th axis capabilities, up to 15,000 RPM, 96″ travel, lathes and numerous miscellaneous support machines.

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3DX Industries is capable of working with a variety of materials including tool steel, aluminum, plastic, stainless steel, copper, and titanium.

Additive Manufacturing:  We are capable of 3D Metal Printing, using Binder Jet Technology,  in several metal powders including:

  • Stainless Steel – 420
  • Stainless Steel – 316L
  • Stainless Steel – J-10 NanoSteel BLDRMetal™ – Data Sheet
  • Stainless Steel – J-11 NanoSteel BLDRMetal™ – Data Sheet
  • Inconel – 625 (Requires Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP))

Infiltration options include Bronze, Copper and Tin

Additional customized powders are currently in development for 3D Metal printing. 3DX Industries offers full engineering support for material selection on any new projects.  Contact us to discuss a solution to problem parts with wear and/or corrosion issues.

The 3DX Team uses CAD/CAM software and modern inspection equipment to guarantee your parts meet drawing tolerances. We are fully committed to delivering quality products; our metrology lab ensures precision by using state of the art measuring instruments including a Brown & Sharpe CMM.


Highly-detailed prototypes created from metal and plastic/composite materials can be used to demonstrate and test our customer’s designs prior to final production.

Our 3D Printing systems are capable of providing high precision, exceptionally detailed prototypes to give the look and feel of your final product.  3DX’s CAD/CAM prototyping uses CNC machining to provide rapid prototyping services, high speed milling and large capacity vertical machining.

For those without CAD drawings, our design team can reverse engineer a variety of custom and vintage parts. Our prototypes have been used by injection molders, automotive repair shops and wholesale aircraft part suppliers to create general parts like rotors, seat assemblies, cutting blades. We can also prototype your art or jewelry designs.

Turbine Components:
3D Metal Printed and/or Precision machined compact turbine components are appropriate for green energy, military and aerospace industries.

Molds, Dies, Tools,Drilling and Pump Components:

Contact us for your high wear/corrosion resistant parts manufactured using NanoSteels new proprietary metal powders;  BLDRmetal™ J-10 and J-11, designed for building highly wear resistant industrial components using binder jet additive manufacturing. Parts made with bronze infiltrated BLDR J-10 have 3x the wear resistance and nearly 3x the impact toughness of a bronze infiltrated 420 stainless steel component made using the same method. If even higher wear resistance is required, BLDR J-11 can be selected to deliver 10x the wear of a bronze infiltrated 420SS component.

Our CNC milling centers can machine parts measuring up to 96”. We are able to custom manufacture one-of-a-kind parts and also deliver high-volume, wholesale production runs.

Contract manufacturing and assembly services can take a project from raw product to finished goods.
We have partnered with businesses of all sizes to assemble Rankine Cycle Turbines, gear boxes and more.