3DX Acquires Patent Portfolio & Launches R&D Division

Seattle WA, June 23, 2021 – 3DX Industries Inc. (DDDX) (the “Company” or “3DX”), a state of the art additive manufacturer specializing in 3D Metal Printing, announced today the acquisition of a Patent Portfolio and the launch of the 3DX Industries Inc. Research & Development Division to be led by Mr. Anthony J. Bredberg.  

Mr. Bredberg is a professional Researcher, Soil Scientist, Wetlands Scientist, Botanist, Agronomist,

Geomorphologist & Inventor of several Patents related to water sprinkler systems.  3DX Industries has helped develop these inventions over time, whose metal components are manufactured at 3DX Industries’ location in Ferndale Washington. The addition of The United States Patent and Trademark Office certified Patents to the Company coupled with the expertise and energy brought on by Mr. Bredberg has culminated in the launching of 3DX’s R&D Division.

"We know by using the additive manufacturing 3D metal printing process in our R&D division we can provide a more efficient and environmentally friendly end product. Mr. Bredberg has a portfolio of water sprinkler patents that are designed for large agriculture applications,” stated Roger Janssen, CEO and Chairman of 3DX Industries, Inc.

In addition to being a successful inventor, Mr. Anthony J. Bredberg has professional experience in various fields including but not limited to wetland mitigation, enhancement, restoration and studies, soil surveys, agronomy, farming, farm management and site evaluation.  Mr. Bredberg has worked on over 4,000 projects with clients including but not limited to Wal-Mart, Costco, Safeway, ARCO, Home Depot, Chehalis Airport, City of Bellevue, US Army Corps of Engineers, Timberland and Fred Meyer.  He received a BS in Agronomy and Botany in 1977 from Western Illinois University in Macomb, IL and a MS in Agronomy, soil and plant science in 1979 from  North Carolina State University in Raleigh, NC.  He has completed additional graduate work in Soil Science from the University of Illinois and Forestry from the University of New Hampshire.

“I'm excited about bringing together engineers, machinists and binder jet additive manufacturing technologies to develop new and exciting products at 3DX Industries.  Our current Patents have enormous potential, and we will continue to develop additional products through the 3DX R&D division” stated Anthony J. Bredberg

More information can be found on the The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) official website at https://www.uspto.gov/ by searching the following Patent #s

  • US PATENT #8567697B2 Filed 2012-11-08 • Granted 2013-10-29 • Published 2013-10-29  A flow regulator for use with a lawn sprinkler. The apparatus includes an impeller, a regulator portion and a nozzle regulator portion.
  • US PATENT #9227207B1 Priority 2013-03-15 • Filed 2014-03-12 • Granted 2016-01-05 • Published 2016-01-05  A sprinkler. A sprinkler nozzle assembly is coupled to a base for rotating movement.
  • US PATENT #9108206B1 Priority 2013-03-15 • Filed 2014-03-12 • Granted 2015-08-18 • Published 2015-08-18 A sprinkler. A stationary base includes a turbine to drive an upper housing.

About the Company: 3DX Industries, Inc. is focused on the additive metal manufacturing segment within the manufacturing industry.  3DX has the capability of manufacturing a wide variety of products using its 3D metal printing system, 3D plastic printing as well as more traditional methods of precision manufacturing. 3DX offers additive and traditional manufacturing services as well as product design, engineering and assembly services to its customers.

About Binder Jet: 3DX uses an additive manufacturing process, otherwise known as three-dimensional printing which materializes an object—or mold for an object—layer by layer out of powdered material, a binding agent and a digital file.  The process is also referred to as Binder Jetting Technology. Binder Jetting is a powder bed process, where a binder is used to selectively ‘print’ the desired part shape by adhesively joining the metal particles. After the jetting process, the green part is sintered in a furnace to burn off the binder and then an infiltrant, typically bronze or copper, is melted and drawn into the part to fill in the remaining spaces within the sintered metal powder skeleton to create a dense component. The resulting parts combine properties from both the metal powder and the infiltrant.

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