3DX Industries Purchases Binder Jet Additive Metal 3D Printer

Seattle WA, April 07, 2021 – 3DX Industries Inc. (DDDX) (the “Company” or “3DX”), a state of the art additive manufacturer specializing in 3D Metal Printing, provides the following update to its shareholders on corporate developments. 

The manufacturing landscape has changed dramatically over the past year as the world continues the fight against Covid-19.  As a contract manufacturing company in both the additive and subtractive sectors, 3DX supports customers in key industries including Aerospace/Defense, Green Energy, Medical Devices and Pharmaceuticals, Industrial Production and Transportation.  As a key part of the supply chain, 3DX Industries is deemed an essential service and has been able to continue operations throughout the pandemic. As an essential supplier our facility has adopted the procedures and protocols as recommended by the CDC. All protocols implemented have been strictly adhered to by Management and Staff and to date we have had no incidents of Covid-19 with our personnel.

Roger Janssen President and CEO comments “With the supply chain interruptions faced by many companies due to Covid-19 we have been able to showcase the benefits of additive manufacturing to our customers.  Our ability to deliver 3D printed parts along with our capability to support any subtractive manufacturing requirements provides our clients with a reliable American based solution for their manufacturing needs.”

During the past fiscal year the company purchased a binder jet additive metal printer and related support equipment for its 3D metal printing division. Company President and CEO Mr. Roger Janssen states; “Our ability to handle projects from design to delivery is a benefit to our customers.  Having additive, subtractive and finishing capabilities under one roof allows us to better serve our client base”

3DX Industries also relaunched a new website and has continued engagements on Facebook and Twitter to better communicate with shareholders, stakeholders, customers, and employees.

For the coming year, 3DX Industries is focused on increasing sales, automating sales pipelines, and bringing on additional Executives and Board Members to facilitate the company’s growth.

About the Company: 3DX Industries, Inc. is focused on the additive metal manufacturing segment within the manufacturing industry.  3DX has the capability of manufacturing a wide variety of products using its 3D metal printing system, 3D plastic printing as well as more traditional methods of precision manufacturing. 3DX offers additive and traditional manufacturing services as well as product design, engineering and assembly services to its customers.

About Binder Jet: 3DX uses an additive manufacturing process, otherwise known as three-dimensional printing which materializes an object—or mold for an object—layer by layer out of powdered material, a binding agent and a digital file.  The process is also referred to as Binder Jetting Technology. Binder Jetting is a powder bed process, where a binder is used to selectively ‘print’ the desired part shape by adhesively joining the metal particles. After the jetting process, the green part is sintered in a furnace to burn off the binder and then an infiltrant, typically bronze or copper, is melted and drawn into the part to fill in the remaining spaces within the sintered metal powder skeleton to create a dense component. The resulting parts combine properties from both the metal powder and the infiltrant.

Safe Harbor 3DX encourages those interested in our Company to rely only on information included in our filings. Statements released by 3DX Industries, Inc. that are not purely historical are forward-looking within the meaning of the "Safe Harbor" provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995, including statements regarding the company's expectations, hopes, intentions, and strategies for the future. Investors are cautioned that forward-looking statements involve risk and uncertainties that may affect the company's business prospects and performance. The company's actual results could differ materially from those in such forward-looking statements. Risk factors include but are not limited to general economic, competitive, governmental, and technological factors as discussed in the company's filings. The company does not undertake any responsibility to update the forward-looking statements contained in this release.

For additional information please contact:

3DX Industries, Inc.
6920 Salashan Parkway Suite D-101
Ferndale WA 98248
Telephone: 360-366-8858
Email: info@3dxindustries.com

Visit the 3DX Industries, Inc. web site at www.3dxindustries.com.  Information included on the Company's website is not incorporated herein by reference or otherwise.

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